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1949 : Birth of IGOL

It was in 1949 that six visionary industrialists specialized in lubricants, fats and their derivatives joined and gave birth to IGOL.

At first, Robert PIERRONE in Carvin, Maurice VAST in Amiens, PIERRE QUAIRE in Caen, Léon GALLOIS in Nevers, Armand FEBVRE in Nancy and Maurice CAHINGT in Nantes create the S.O.N.I.G. (National Society of Industrial Lubrication) and in a second time its brand IGOL “I.G.O.L.” as Industrial Oil Lubrication (without the “i”). At the suggestion of Maurice VAST, the rooster becomes the emblem of IGOL.

Everything is created: organization, distribution of skills, definition of a commercial strategy, a structure. Each company retains its legal independence and all manufacture, market and promote the IGOL brand. They appoint a president of the group, Robert PIERRONNE, who installs the headquarters of the brand in his own apartment in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. Messrs. André JUREDIEU and Michel GALLOIS succeed him and, since 1993, Mr. Joël LECLERCQ has held the position of President of IGOL. After a few successive addresses in Paris, at the end of the year 2000, IGOL installed its head office definitively in Amiens, rue de Cagny.

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For many years, each company evolves progresses and develops. Image and strategy are refined over the years with a common goal: to make the brand known to professional users of lubricants through ranges of products approved by many manufacturers. To complete its offer, IGOL offers lubricants meeting specific technical specifications, guaranteeing safety and guarantee for all types of equipment.

Present in the field through its sales force and its network of customers, it is necessary, to further progress, invest in the image of IGOL beyond the pure trade of lubricants. The fame of the brand must then go through the voice of sponsorship. It is in the motor sports, the motorcycle more particularly, that make the first presence noticed by the professionals. In addition to partnerships at the local level, IGOL, in the late 70s, hits hard and builds its reputation by becoming a partner of the Paris-Dakar.

It is in 1978 that everything starts with this Rally-raid, which will make dream big and small, passionate of motor sports and enlightened amateurs. The event then counts 60 competitors including the trucks PERLINI, bikers and, sidecar, LADA POCH and its buggies. Every evening, as part of the reports from the DAKAR newspaper, we can see on the screen a lot of IGOL logos on all these vehicles. The public now knows the brand.

In parallel, IGOL rubs shoulders with the prestigious Formula 1 Grand Prix by supporting two teams, LAROUSSE with Philippe ALLIOT driver and the PACIFIC team, driven by Paul BELMONDO.


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Broadcast of the first television newscast
June 29, 1949 on RTF Television