4th Generation Lubricants: Lubricants semisynthetic. At the cutting edge of technology and in collaboration with the most demanding manufacturers, Igol innovates without stops and develops its range of lubricants semi-synthetic materials that are heavily in demand to respond to needs of new engines. Monograde mineral oils with specificities Restrictions no longer correspond to the last engine technologies. Drainage spacings lengthen and go to a drain every 100 hours for an agricultural tractor and for the 10,000 car or 15,000 km. So, to be able to support this longer delay between two oil changes, recommended by the builders, it is necessary suitable lubricants. IGOL offers for transport a brand new oil: the TRANSTURBO 4 E. Accompanied by his tracking technique, the Electrocartergram, IGOL proposes the solution to many carriers looking for time savings, limiting the essential and unavoidable step of the passage at the garage, to empty his trucks, reducing the number of interviews.

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The years DAKAR and IGOL SYMBOL CERAMIC: the lubricant that triumphs over hell! Two years after its launch, the spirit of Rally-raid attracts not only more and more competitors but also the media that interest very closely. The test takes the scale for partners, such as IGOL, is the opportunity to be associated with a very event expected by a wide audience and become an axis of important communication. It is also a excellent laboratory to experiment with 4th generation semi-synthetic lubricants like the ZS rally and the SYMBOL CERAMIC. IGOL SYMBOL CERAMIC is elaborated with ceramic particles in the form of microbeads to bring a surfacing effect to inside the engines. IGOL is developing more than ever range of products tested life-size in extreme conditions

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New product !
100% synthetic lubricant designed to meet the new Renault RN17 specification.

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IGOL, official partner of the FFSA

Since the 2014 season, IGOL has the honor of having joined the circle of official partners
of the FFSA and vigorously supports the French Rally Championship each season.

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Moto Range : IGOL PROPULS !

IGOL presents the new generation of its range of lubricants