The 60s impose on IGOL a technical evolution of its lubricants. The time of "monograde" oils is not finished yet but appears a generation of products called "multigrades". It's a revolution in the world of lubricants and builders. Engines, more and more performance, require new categories of oils, detergents, reliable, to maintain the cleanliness of the lubricated bodies. Petrochemistry begins to propose new directions from additives research to improve lubricant performance. Selenium, molybdenum, graphite oils ... here you go the future that is emerging in terms of new products.

Pin-Up IGOL 1962
semaine internationale de l agriculture 1965


Agricultural show PARIS



The OPEL Kadett of the team GAUTRON
take it first place in its category at
the rally Vercors-Vivarais


These years there...


November 1967

Completion of work of the first highway French: the A1

Focus : Produits


New product !
100% synthetic lubricant designed to meet the new Renault RN17 specification.

Focus : Services

IGOL, official partner of the FFSA

Since the 2014 season, IGOL has the honor of having joined the circle of official partners
of the FFSA and vigorously supports the French Rally Championship each season.

Focus : Produits

New range: IGOL PROPULS !

IGOL rethinks its range dedicated to two-wheelers: IGOL PROPULS!
IGOL presents the new generation of its range of lubricants specially developed for two-wheelers. PROPULS PERFORMANCE and PROPULS EVOLUTION!