Machining fluids / Soluble cutting oils

Our very wide range of soluble cutting oils lets you choose the fluid which is optimally compatible with the nature of your machining operations, with the materials machined and with the water hardness in your area.

IGOL’s soluble fluids are all free from formaldehyde-releasers, nitrites and chlorine. They meet the strictest regulatory requirements in the field of metalworking.

We also offer products formulated without boron to satisfy the specific requirements of some users.

You can rely on the advantages offered by IGOL’s soluble cutting fluids:

  • Extended service life for tools and inserts
  • Reduced consumption of cutting fluid
  • Excellent biostability, which extends the interval between bath fluid changes
  • Safe and comfortable to use by operators
  • Protects against the corrosion of parts and machinery

Synthetic soluble oils


A range of synthetic soluble oils specially developed for grinding operations on steels, alloy steels (including stainless steel) and cast iron.

The range includes a fluid specifically formulated for grinding carbides.


Usinov 1340 BF

A boron-free synthetic fluid specifically developed for ferrous metal grinding applications. It forms a clear…

Semi-synthetic micro-emulsions


A wide range of micro-emulsions designed to meet your requirements optimally. The versatility of these semi-synthetic fluids is perfectly suited to production workshop rationalisation initiatives.

The formulation of these products optimises cooling and lubricating performance to ensure that your manufacturing resources operate at maximum efficiency:

  • formulations for soft/hard water
  • extreme-pressure products
  • special products for copper-based metals and aluminium alloys
  • products authorised for use in power stations
  • special boron-free products

Usinov 2275

Biostable micro-emulsion tailored to soft water. Standard machining and grinding operations on cast irons and…

Usinov 2295 BF

Boron-free biostable micro-emulsion for grinding and machining cast iron and steels. Excellent detergent properties.

Usinov 2350

A biostable fluid giving a translucent micro-emulsion in all water hardnesses. Extremely wide variety of…

Usinov 2485

A biostable micro-emulsion. Difficult machining and grinding operations on cast irons and steels in medium-hard…



IGOL emulsions have been designed to meet the challenges associated with the most demanding machining operations (on alloy steels, aluminium, titanium and their alloys):

  • Extreme-pressure products
  • Formulations for soft/hard water
  • Special products for copper-based metals
  • Special products for aluminium alloys
  • Boron-free and/or amine-free products

Usinov 3250

Biostable emulsion in all water hardnesses. Recommended for an extremely wide variety of machining operations.…

Usinov 3275 HP

Fine biostable emulsion tailored to soft water. Extremely wide variety of machining operations. Cast irons,…
Usinov 3385

Usinov 3385

A biostable emulsion for medium-hard to hard water. Compatible with aeronautical aluminiums. SNECMA approved (aluminium,…

Emulscie AL

An emulsifiable fluid for lubrication and dissolving sugar. A versatile fluid tailored to machining, greasing…

Soluble oils for aeronautics

IGOL’s USISPACE range consists of products specifically developed for machining operations in the aeronautical industry (approved by Snecma and Messier).

Usispace 4000 HP

A biostable boron-free fluid giving a translucent micro-emulsion. Steel and steel alloys, aeronautical aluminium (7175,…

Usispace 4500

A biostable fluid giving a translucent micro-emulsion. Enhanced formulation with esters, and BIT-free. Steel and…

Usispace 5000

Biostable emulsion in all water hardnesses. Recommended for aeronautical aluminiums. Cast irons, steels, aluminiums. Difficult…

Treatments products

Treatment products for hard water and to prevent foaming, concentrated fluids for preventive and/or remedial treatment… the IGOL range offers solutions for extending the service life of your aqueous machining fluids and for resolving specific problems associated with your operations and your environment.

Cleaners, detergents, pH booster: USICLEAN, SYSCLEAN

Anti-foaming: USIFOAM

Other special products: USITEC, USISOFT

Usitec BTA

Passivating additive for yellow metals. Prevents mottling of copper, bronze, brass and certain aluminium grades.

Adapting to changes in the industry

IGOL's challenge for tomorrow is to keep on finding the right solutions.
More than ever, preserving manufacturer's guarantees is one of IGOL's priorities. That's why our online recommendations service is available: