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    Mineral oils featuring a high viscosity index and low pour point for greasing movements and transmissions. ISO-L-HH.
    Highly fluid oils for very fast movements with clutch-controlled components. ISO-L-FC.
    Highly fluid oils for very fast movements: machine tool spindles, very high-speed roller bearings. ISO-L-FD.
    Highly adhesive oils for all fast-moving machine components (textile machines, printing equipment). ISO-L-AN.
    Multi-purpose mineral oils for hydraulic slides, gears and controls. Anti-wear, extreme-pressure and anti-chattering; ...
    A colourless, odourless lubricant. Mineral bases. Used as a glidant. NSF H1. ISO-L-HH.
    An oily fluid used for lubricating breadmaking weighers and dividers, or as a glidant. NSF 3H.
    Inhibited mineral oils featuring good demulsibility and oxidation & acidification resistance properties, for greasing ...

Slides, columns, chains and linkages: CRYSTAL, CRYSTAL COMPOUND, SONIGLISS, R CHAINE, ROTOR STOP

Synthetic slides and machining centres: CRYSTAL COMPOUND AG


Agri-business (NSF H1): LUBAL