22nd Rallye du Cœur de France at Vendôme

A rainy rally is a good rally for Bonato!

It was not until the last three special stages of the rally that at last Yoann Bonato and Benjamin Boulloud, thanks to a judicious choice of tires, won the 22nd Rallye du Cœur de France at Vendôme.

We were held completely in suspense until the end of this 7th stage of the French Championship with Yohan Rossel determined to defend his possible title of French Champion 2019, always keeping it in his line of sight for the end of the season. But that was without counting on the strategic, winning choice of this rally’s winner, Yoann Bonato. More than ever before, this 2019 championship was full of twists.

It looked as though the championship had practically been won for Yohan Rossel, faced with this virtuous circle the driver from Saint-Jean-du-Gard had built, strengthened by his last 3 consecutive victories. But finally, who would win the French Championship 2019 title?  Would Yoann Bonato win the title of French Champion in the Var for the third time? Would Yohan Rossel benefit from the fruit of all the regular work he had been putting in over several stages?

So we headed over to the two exciting events that would see the end of the championship with a suspense that would no doubt maintain the mystery of the French Rally Champion 2019’s name… To be continued…!

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To recap the highlights of the weekend in Vendôme, from Friday’s press conference we knew that there would be a great battle between the men at the head of the championship. The battle was launched under an ominous sky, alternating between lighting and threats of showers. The competitors faced these showers on Sunday morning and at that moment the classification took on a completely different order from the previous day. The choice of tires is telling, leading to better performances for some and unfortunately worse performances for others.

Rally driving: it’s not just about speed but also strategy and sometimes a bit of luck, as Bonato said on the finishing podium.

Cédric Gamboni, Patrick’s co-pilot, focused on his notes and ready for the race…

Alongside this stage of the French Rally Championship, Claude Gallois and some of the IGOL Centre team met at BUREAU TP near Sougé at the heart of Special Stage 1. Welcomed with open arms by Mr. and Mrs. Bureau, IGOL set up its customer welcome centre for the whole day. The know-how of Claude Gallois’ team once again thrilled clients invited for a rally-style immersion. And what a day…

Very well-positioned, IGOL guests were able to see the competitors pass by the first two times. This was followed by a friendly, country buffet style meal. Once the cars had passed by a second time, in the middle of the afternoon, it was time to head for Ruillé-sur-Loir to visit Domaine Lelais (Jasnières and Coteaux du Loir) which has the distinctive feature of being a troglodyte cave. After this guided visit, led by its passionate owner, and a short tasting, it was time to return to the course and see the competitors evolve at night. Dinner was shared and, like last year, everyone was also able to share their best wishes and their pleasure at seeing each other again over one last friendly drink.

On Sunday, we awaited the arrival of the rally winners between showers at Place St Martin in Vendôme. Yoann Bonato and Benjamin Boulloud received the IGOL Trophy, the 70th anniversary pin-up awaited them! The other winners in the group were also awarded the IGOL Competition Trophy.


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We are next meeting for the penultimate stage in the championship in Montpellier on 25 and 26 October.


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