pourquoi-vidange-moteur-frequence-aideEach lubricant has specific characteristics and a specific formulation.

Therefore, they have a precise and well-defined “shelf life”. This lifespan changes depending on operating conditions (refer to standards). It is necessary to comply with the recommended change intervals based on the lubricant type to ensure the proper functioning of equipment and products.


Did you know? The standards associated with each lubricant define its service life.


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New product !
100% synthetic lubricant designed to meet the new Renault RN17 specification.

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IGOL, official partner of the FFSA

Since the 2014 season, IGOL has the honor of having joined the circle of official partners
of the FFSA and vigorously supports the French Rally Championship each season.

Focus : Produits

New range: IGOL PROPULS !

IGOL rethinks its range dedicated to two-wheelers: IGOL PROPULS!
IGOL presents the new generation of its range of lubricants specially developed for two-wheelers. PROPULS PERFORMANCE and PROPULS EVOLUTION!