Research and development

IGOL creates the lubricants of tomorrow

Protecting the environment, technological innovation, systematic performance

IGOL invests its future in Research and Development

New projects are inspired by considering future trends: research into biodegradable hydraulic fluids or the development of plant-based lubricants for agri-business.

IGOL is firmly focused on the future

As a manufacturer, IGOL operates its own laboratory certified to ISO 9001 version 2000 and to ISO 14001.
A team of chemists work solely on research, formulation and analysis.
The broad range of products available, comprising some 500 different formulas, is manufactured, tested and analysed in accordance with a systematic sampling schedule.

Thanks to its Research & Development department, IGOL offers :

  • a comprehensive range, which meets the new European standards,
  • a "special products" range for industrial maintenance and manufacturing applications,
  • an analysis service for in-service oils which produces an analytical assessment,
  • the development of special products,
  • a lubrication schedule tailored to your requirements.