68 years of dedicated work, and still going strong...

Find out more about Igol, a French manufacturer of engine oils and lubricants for the automotive, motorbike, manufacturing,  construction, agricultural machinery etc. sectors.

Since 1949...

In 1949, a dozen heads of independent producers and distributors of lubricants across France joined to create a single and innovative organisation: the IGOL France network.

In addition to being the brand owner, IGOL France sets the technical and commercial policy and operates as a central purchasing group. The company is effectively the joint subsidiary of the various regional companies which use the IGOL brand under the terms of a franchise agreement.

Today, IGOL France is the leading French independent manufacturer of lubricants.

Since its inception, the company has prioritised quality, innovation and close working relationships with its customers - all with a view to establishing effective partnerships with each and every customer.

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