SAE 30


High performance ester based synthetic lubricant for high performance 2 stroke engines of motorcycles and scooters. This formulation meets the JASO FD and ISO-L-EGD standards and guarantees a low level of engine fouling by reducing smoke emissions (very high detergency and anti-smoke properties). The high quality used esters avoid the risk of tightening, they do not form carbon deposits while burning which ensures a great cleanness of the piston grooves, segments and exhaust ports. PROPULS PERFORMANCE 2T lubricant is compatible with new 2-stroke injection technologies and is suitable for Speed, Motocross, Enduro and Scooter bikes. Suitable for working motors with separate and mixing lubrication Mixture: use 2% to 4% (according to manufacturer's recommendations).


Bidon 1L
Bidon 2L
Bidon 4L
Bidon 20L
Tonnelet 60L
Tonnelet 220L

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