AdBlue® is a very high purity urea solution with a concentration of 32.5%. It is colourless and classified as a non-hazardous product. AdBlue® is intended for vehicles equipped with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology, which enables a large proportion of pollutants (nitrogen oxides) to be converted into harmless water vapour and nitrogen. Notably, trucks from Euro 4 and 5 with SCR catalysts use this Ad Blue ® additive: to better understand how it works, it is injected in post-combustion before the catalytic converter. Ad-Blue ® is a product of great purity, but is neither a fuel nor an additive and must not be mixed with diesel: it goes directly into a specific tank and corresponds to 4 to 5% of diesel consumption.  


Bidon 10L
Tonnelet 220L
Tonnelet 1000L

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