Complete maintenance kit for motorcycle chains (road and all terrain), quad, SSV, karting, bicycle... equipped or not with O-ring O-rings, X-ring, Z-ring, which is composed :
PROPULS CHAIN CLEANER aerosol cleaner formulated on a solvated and non-chlorinated base that degreases all types of chains and effectively removes the most stubborn greases and residues while respecting all varnishes and paints. a brush specific to this use to optimize the cleaning of the chains. and aerosol grease PROPULS VISCOCHAINE EVOLUTION specially developed to lubricate all chains of different technologies. It avoids high-speed splashing, being water repellent it protects the chain from water and mud. It reduces power losses and reduces friction. Deposits a protective film that protects against corrosion. This grease is colored, which makes it possible to verify perfect application thanks to the precision of its diffuser, this coloration fades after a few rotations of the chain.

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