Prosurf 2T JET TC-W3


A mineral oil-based lubricant for 2-stroke water scooter engines with separate or mixed greasing. Meets the most stringent standards set by the NMMA, and passed all the engine tests, relating in particular to extremely tough anti-wear and anti-deposit properties. An excellent oil detergent, it prevents spark plug clogging and fouling, prevents segment sticking at high temperatures, provides very high lubricating power and a long engine life. Formulated from very high-quality mineral base oils and very high-performance ash-free additives. Completely tailored to the hottest modern engines, new injection technologies, new fuels and new pollution control regulations.


Bidon 1L
Bidon 2L
Bidon 5L
Bidon 20L
Tonnelet 60L
Tonnelet 220L

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