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100% Synthetic lubricant with Low SAPS technology suitable for Blue Dci diesel and petrol engines with particulate filter (G.P.F.: Gasoline Particulate Filter and D.P.F.: Diesel Particulate Filter). PROFIVE RN17 FE has been designed to meet the new Renault RN17 FE specification, which reduces fuel consumption, protects after-treatment systems and maintains the Renault Long Life drain interval. This lubricant is not suitable for older generation Renault engines requiring the use of RN0700, RN0710 or RN720 oil and petrol and diesel engines requiring the use of oil meeting the ACEA C3 specification. Not suitable for RS and Alpine engines requiring RN17 RSA.


Bidon 1L
Bidon 2L
Bidon 5L
Bidon 20L
Tonnelet 60L
Tonnelet 220L

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